Take a picture!

Proud Magna-Tects love taking pictures of their finished Magna-Tiles Masterpieces! This is a great way to remember the cool creations and shapes that have been built. The pictures can also be used in other skill building activities:

  • Challenge a partner to build a replica of the Magna-Tiles creation (from looking at the photo)
  • Use the photo as reference to draw the shape on paper! Children will learn how to 3-D draw shapes on paper from looking at a 2-D picture

There are many variations for this activity and we encourage parents, teachers, and children to adjust it as they please. For example, older Magna-Tects may find joy in using graph paper, pens, or pencils while younger Magna-Tects might prefer colorful construction paper, pencils, crayons or markers.

Photographing your Magna-Tiles Masterpieces can also serve as an important part of a routine at the end of playtime. Sometimes, Magna-Tects may not want to take apart and “destroy” what they have built. By taking a picture, they can have a memory of it and also signal the time to clean up. Taking your creation apart and organizing shapes to be put away is part of the responsibility learned. There are many opportunities to teach skills and good habits to children during Magna-Tiles Play.


Magna-Tects, take a picture!

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