Magna-Tiles Guide: Light

Ways to play

There are many, many ways to play with Magna-Tiles and light! Magna-Tiles Clear Colors are translucent and brightly colored so you can see through them like stained glass. Here are ideas to make your Magna-Tiles Masterpieces glow and illuminate Magna-Tiles creations! Parents, teachers, and children will have fun building in the dark!

Light table

Many schools have a light table or light box for students to use. Turn off the lights and let your imagination run wild while making shapes! Magna-Tects can model flat, 2-D shapes, build 3-D strucutres, make and identify patterns, and make Magna-Tiles mosaics!

DIY light box

If you do not own a light table, you can have a fun DIY project and set one up with materials that you already own. Use a clear plastic container and place any LED or string of lights inside. Magna-Tects can line the bottom with black paper and add parchment paper to the lid

Overhead projector

Overhead projectors are a lot of fun with Magna-Tiles! They can often be found at school and allow for making large, colorful reflections and shadows on the wall. What other materials can you add to your creations?

Flashlight or headlamp

This is an option for every home/classroom! Flashlights are fun because they are small and handheld so that Magna-Tects can experiment with the direction and angle that the light shines.

Sunlight / Window

Sunlight is the “natural” light box! Build near a window on a sunny day and allow light to shine through your Magna-Tiles Masterpieces! Magna-Tects will enjoy the way that Magna-Tiles Clear Colors look

Other light-up toys/objects

Look around your home/classroom for any other toys that light up! Maybe you have a magical wand or night light. Creative Magna-Tects will be able to find something to illuminate structures whether it is a glow stick, rope light, wand, or lamp

Ideas/activities to explore


Magna-Tects can stack two different colors together to make a new one. What new colors can you make? Red + blue = purple. Red + red = a darker red


How do the reflections look when you shine light from above? the side?

Making new shapes and patterns

The best time for Magna-Tects to learn is when they are having fun! Challenge Magna-Tects to make a four-sided, flat shape on the light table. Can you make a six-sided shape? What about a 3-D shape with six sides? Write a Magna-Tiles Message!

Stained Glass

Use a piece of string or ribbon to thread through the rivets (little holes in each corner) and hang Magna-Tiles in the window! Make Magna-Tiles Ornaments to decorate a tree… in the winter or summer!

Light up your tower

Challenge Magna-Tects to light up their Magna-Tiles tower. Where will you place the light? Will you have to build a ledge or place for it to rest or can you place it on the ground at the base? Magna-Tects will learn through trial and error

Make a night light

Place your flashlight/LED/light source inside of a cube or other closed creation, turn off the lights, and see what happens!

Make colorful reflections

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors make awesome colorful reflections! Can you “mix” the colors?

Explore shadows

Experiment with shadows as you build! How does the shadow change depending on where the light is coming from? How do you control the shape of the shadow?

Decorate your window

Build a Magna-Tiles Masterpiece and put it on display!

Play a game

Magna-Tects come up with new ideas and games all of the time! One way to play is Magna-Tiles Match. Make a pattern/shape and challenge another Magna-Tects to create a replica


Do you have more creative ideas and ways to play? Share them in the comments below or share your Magna-Tiles creations with @magnatiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with #magnatiles


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