Magna-Tiles Summer Celebration Ornaments

Here is a fun Magna-Tiles activity for a nice, breezy summer day! Decorate your tree with Magna-Tiles ornaments for an outdoor celebration

Magna-Tiles Sky Ornaments


  • Magna-Tiles 
  • String/thread/ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tree or other creative place to hang them!


  • Thread string through Magna-Tiles rivets’ (fasteners in each corner and along the perimeter of shapes)
  • Use scissors to trim the thread to the desired length (what happens to the ornament when the string is longer vs. shorter?)
  • Tie the string to a stable place/object… make sure that it can be easily removed!
  • Enjoy! Sit back and admire your Magna-Tiles Masterpiece!


  • If outdoors, try this activity on a warm and sunny day!
    • Magna-Tects can also hang Magna-Tiles decorations indoors. Challenge children to find fun/creative places around the home/classroom
    • Magna-Tects may need adult supervision or a step stool 
  • If a shape does not work well, re-arrange the pieces to make a new, balanced pattern!
    • Magna-Tects found that the cube was too heavy and did not make a good ornament. Magna-Tects re-arranged five (of the six) small squares to make a cool diamond shape!
  • Be careful not to drop/lose any Magna-Tiles pieces
  • Be patient and have fun!


Ideas to Explore and

  • Shapes and patterns: Magna-Tects can create a variety of 2-D shapes and patterns
    • Try a hexagon, rhombus, pentagon
  • Do symmetrical patterns work better than others?
  • Which side/end of the shape is best to tie and hang the string from?
    • Is one side heavier than the other? Will it stay balanced or will the shape fall apart once it is dangling from string?
  • Express yourself through Magna-Tiles art! Make cool patterns and color combinations
  • Experiment with a 3-D shape
    • How can you make a cube (using 6 small squares) hang? Will you have to thread the string through more than one Magna-Tiles piece?
  • Magna-Tects will learn about weight and balance when constructing and hanging shapes


  • Magna-Tects can adjust and change this craft in many different ways! Share your comments and other ideas with us below
  • Share photos of your Magna-Tiles project on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #magnatiles. We’d love to see what you create!
  • Creative Magna-Tects made Magna-Tiles ornaments in the wintertime… without any string or other materials!

Magna-Tiles Summer Celebration Ornaments Magna-Tiles Tree Ornaments Magna-Tiles Frog in the Sky


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