Measuring Magna-Tiles

Magna-Tects can explore measurement, shape, and size while playing and building with Magna-Tiles! This allows Magna-Tects to use words and vocabulary including:

  • shorter/longer
  • higher/lower
  • centimeters/inches/feet


  • comparing shapes and sizes
  • using a ruler/tape measure
  • tracing shapes


  • paper/pencil
  • paper/graph paper

Challenge Magna-Tects to measure Magna-Tiles with a ruler

  • Magna-Tiles small squares measure 3 inches
  • Magna-Tiles large squares measure 6 inches

Challenge Magna-Tects to trace Magna-Tiles on paper or graph paper! Trace Magna-Tiles individually or make 2-D shapes (rectangle, hexagon, trapezoid). They can then draw and write notes. Older Magna-Tects can explore concepts of finding the area and perimeter of 2-D shapes that they create.

Q: How tall are you in Magna-Tiles shapes?

Challenge Magna-Tects to use a tape measure to find out how tall their Magna-Tiles Towers are! They can answer in the number of pieces (my tower is 8 small squares tall!) or in units (my tower is 8 feet tall!)


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