Magna-Tiles + Toy Cars

Magna-Tiles and Monster Trucks

Watch this video for a cool demonstration of structures that Magna-Tects can build for their toy trucks! Create a ramp (triangular prism) for monster trucks to drive up and structures for the cars to drive on like a stand (cuboid) and cool 3-D shape (triangular cupola)!

The video ends with a symmetrical garage that is 6 small squares long.

Magna-Tiles and RC Cars

Watch as 4 year old Magna-Tect Brendan maneuvers his remote control car under his Magna-Tiles creation!

He is able to carefully drive it into and past the Magna-Tiles squares without touching or moving the structure. Nice job, Magna-Tect!

Magna-Tects build structures for their cars with Magna-Tiles!


Magna-Tiles Road

Challenge Magna-Tects to build a street or road for their toy cars! How can we describe the shape of the “Magna-Tiles road”? It is a line!

Magna-Tiles Track

Challenge Magna-Tects to build ramps, road, race tracks, and cool structure for their toy cars! Which shapes will you use to construct a ramp? How can you build a turn or curve in the track?

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