3… 2… 1… Blast off!


Magna-Tiles are where math, science, and creativity meet. The job of a young Magna-Tect is to play! Watch the Mind of a Magna-Tect develop as they spend more time building with Magna-Tiles.

Magna-Tects imagine their Magna-Tiles rockets blasting off into space, dolls living inside Magna-Tiles mansions, toy cars racing down a Magna-Tiles racetrack or animals running through their Magna-Tiles zoo

Be a Magna-Tect!

The current Magna-Tiles Theme is space! Magna-Tects build space ships, space stations, space fleets, and spaceship forests!

Share your Magna-Tiles creations with @magnatiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #magnatiles or email a photo to to be added to the idea gallery!

Get your Magna-Tiles Tattly and sticker!

This can be a fun activity for Magna-Tects of all ages! Send a self addressed stamped envelop to Valtech and we will send you Magna-Tect mail! Magna-Tects will receive a Magna-Tiles sticker and temporary tattoo.


PO BOX 2444

LaGrange, IL 60525


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