Magna-Tiles® Solid Colours 33 Piece GS Set

Magna-Tiles® Solid Colours 33 Piece GS Set

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Item #: 13033

  • 3  Large Squares
  • 10  Small Squares
  • 4  Equilateral Triangles
  • 4  Right Triangles
  • 4  Isosceles Triangles
  • 4  GS 30-60-90 Triangles
  • 4  GS 45-45-90 Triangles
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Magna-Tiles® 33 Piece GS Set features 2 new triangles and an included booklet connecting Magna-Tiles® Play + Math! It is in the Solid Colors style - each tile is opaque with 2 fun colors per tile.

2 new right triangles, the GS 30-60-90 Triangle and GS 45-45-90 Triangle, are marked with hatch marks at their right angles.

Hole-punched Magna-Tiles triangles are easy for little hands to grasp, pickup, and develop fine-motor skills!

Style: Solid Colors
Set weighs: 3 lbs / 1.2 kg
Set (in packaging) measures: 12 x 2.5 x 13 inches
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